Fiddler on the Roof - Tradition Lyrics

2015 Broadway Revival
Fiddler on the Roof the Musical - Tradition Lyrics

"Tradition" is a song from Fiddler on the Roof performed by 2016 Broadway Cast.

"A fiddler on the roof. Sounds crazy, no?
But in our little village of Anatevka,
you might say every one of us is a fiddler on the roof,
trying to scratch out a pleasant,
Simple tune without breaking his neck. It isn't easy.
You may ask, why do we stay up there if it's so dangerous?
We stay because Anatevka is our home...
And how do we keep our balance?
That I can tell you in one word... Tradition."

Tradition, tradition... tradition

"Because of our traditions,
We've kept our balance for many, many years.
Here in Anatevka we have traditions for everything...
how to eat, how to sleep, even, how to wear clothes.
For instance, we always keep our heads covered
and always wear a little prayer shawl...
This shows our constant devotion to God.
You may ask, how did this tradition start?
I'll tell you - I don't know. But it's a tradition...
Because of our traditions,
Everyone knows who he is and what God expects him to do."

(Tevye & Papas)
Who day and night
Must scramble for a living
Feed the wife and children
Say his daily prayers
And who has the right
As master of the house
To have the final word at home?

The papa, the papas... tradition

(Golde & Mamas)
Who must know the way to make a proper home?
A quiet home, a kosher home
Who must raise a family and run the home
So papa's free to read the holy book?

The mama, the mama... tradition

At three I started Hebrew school
At ten I learned a trade
I hear they picked a bride for me
I hope... she's pretty

The sons, the sons... tradition

And who does mama teach
To mend and tend and fix
Preparing me to marry
Whoever papa picks?

The daughters, the daughters... tradition

"And in the circle of our little village,
We have always had our special types.
For instance, Yente, the matchmaker..."
"And Nahum, the beggar..."
And most important, our beloved Rabbi..."
"And among ourselves, we get along perfectly well.
Of course, there was the time when he sold him a horse,
but delivered a mule, but that's all settled now.
Now we live in simple peace and harmony and..."

Tradition, tradition... tradition
Tradition, tradition... tradition

"Tradition. Without our traditions,
Our lives would be as shaky as... as a fiddler on the roof!"

[Thanks to Zuri for corrections]

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