Cole Porter - Do You Want to See Paris? Lyrics

Song from "Fifty Million Frenchmen" 1929 Broadway Musical
Cole Porter - Do You Want to See Paris? Lyrics

Do you want to see Paris?
Do you want to see Paris?
If you want to see Paree,
Then come along with me.

We want to see Paris.
We want to see Paris
And see how Paree
Compares with Kankakee.

Then hop aboard my omnibus

First, how much it is, sonny?

It's only fifty francs apiece.

What's that in American money?

Well, fifty francs, divided by three
And multiplied by seven
Makes let me see, let me see -  

You damn fool, eleven.

Is that all, is that all?
You're talking through your hat.

You couldn't get a ride in a baby-carriage
In the USA for that.

We're on the Champs Elysées now,
A street of great renown.
You see that fellow there,
He's the only Frenchman left in town.

Oh, what a face.
He looks so out of place.

That building there upon the right
Is the famous Hotel Claridge.
It's where the ladies go at night
When they get fed up with marriage.

Hurrah for the Claridge
And down with the marriage.

And now before you, straight ahead,
The Arc de Triomphe stands
To commemorate the victories of France in many lands.
It was built in eighteen hundred and five
By Napoleon the Great.

'Swonderful! 'Smarvelous!
It'd make such a nice front gate.

It's a hundred and sixty four feet high
And a hundred and fifty wide
And exactly seventy-two feet deep

We'll say that you're some guide.

This great arcade
Stands all alone
But unafraid,
Upon her throne
Entireley made of solid stone -

I'll buy it.

Before you stands the Eiffel Tower,
A monument adored.

Then what does that sign mean -- Citroën?

Citroën is French for Ford.

Aux armes, Citroën, Citroën is French for Ford.

Do you realize this famous tower
Will be all lit up in another hour
With a light of a million candlepower?

I'll buy it.

Kneel in prayer and doff your hat
And cease your remarks profane.
The building there you're gazing at
Is the famous Church of the Madeleine

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
For the Madeleine.
We've got a church in Kankakee
But this is a riot.

Say, if you'll send it C.O.D.
I'll buy it.

La la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la -

We are now in the theatre called the Moulin Rouge,
An old Parisian pet.
Where the men that girls remember meet the girls
That men forget.
Its promenade is an ideal spot
For a man whose French is not so hot
To improve his French with a French cocotte.

He'll buy it.

He'll buy it.

Good night, everybody

Good evening, Mr. Guide.
We're glad that we have seen Paree,
And thanks for the buggy ride.

But please, before you leave me
And go back to your huts,
Will you tell me what you think of Paris?

It's the nuts.

So now you've seen Paris!
So now you've seen Paris!
Well, now you've seen Paris!
I thank you.

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Cole Porter Do You Want to See Paris? lyrics

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