Hello, Dolly! - Penny in My Pocket Lyrics

A classic show returns to Broadway (2017)
Hello, Dolly! the Musical - Penny in My Pocket Lyrics

The song is written by Jerry Herman.

I put a penny in my pocket,
and in a little time
that penny in my pocket
had grown into a dime!

And in a little longer,
a quarter jingled out.
I put the quarter in the teapot,
and I waited 'til the teapot
had a dollar in the spout!

I put the dollar in my mattress,
and had some pleasant dreams
'til suddenly my mattress
was bursting at the seams!

And that's how I acquired,
the wealth I now possess!
That little penny was the secret
of my success!

I had a penny in my pocket,
and not another soon!
And with my only shirttail,
I shined a rich man's shoe!

He threw me down a nickel,
admiring my skill!
I gave the nickel to a blind man,
and the blind man left me all his meager
savings in his will!

I bought myself a wagon,
for hauling lots of ice.
They cut the ice to ice cubes,
and got a higher price!

I shaved the ice to ices,
for still a higher fee!
A big tycoon said very enterprising
in your organizing,
son you must come work for me!

On route to work next morning,
I helped a lady cross.
The lady was, you guessed it:
The mother of the boss!

The boss said, "you're promoted,
I need you at my side!"
And then I met the boss' daughter,
and I wed the boss' daughter
and quite suddenly she died!

I bought myself an acre,
a silo, and a steed!
All Yonkers started buying
my grain and hay and feed!

And now I've half a million!
But proudly I confess,
that in my pocket is that penny!
Yes, that shiny little penny,
that's the secret of my success!

[Thanks to Julius Z Wade for lyrics]

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Penny in My Pocket lyrics Hello Dolly the Musical

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