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The In-Between - When I Was Nineteen Lyrics

"When I Was Nineteen" is a song from The In-Between the musical performed by Julie Atherton.

When I was nineteen and Flick only eight,
Our parents were killed in a car crash.
Once day they were there and the next they were gone,
And we were left on our own.

When I was nineteen and Flick only eight,
I had to become so much more.
I had to grow up become more than a sister,
And be like a mother to her.

I could have fallen apart.
I could have easily just given up.
I could have closed off my heart,
But there was a girl this little girl who needed me.

When I was nineteen and Flick only eight,
The cracks first appeared in between us.
Up until then we had stood side by side.
We were the best of friends.

But everything changed on that one fateful day,
And the choice that I made, made her hate me.
I was the one who made life carry on,
When she wanted her anger and pain.

I wouldn’t fall apart.
I made her eat her meals, go to school and play.
I made us make a new start.
I did it for her to give her a chance.

I joined the world that carried on without them.
I wouldn’t let her fade,
As she wanted to without them.

I never let her see how much it hurt me,
To carry on,
Without them.
To live,
Without them.
Just us,
Without them.

Because one of us had to be strong,
Had to keep going on.
It’s what they would have wanted from me.
One day maybe Flick will see.

Now I’m thirty and Flick’s just nineteen,
And I’ve taken my share of her flack,
But she’s my sister,
I love her,
And I’ll never leave her,
Even if we never can heal the crack.

I’ll always be there for her.
She still needs me.
I love her so I will be there.
I’ll always be there.

[Thanks to Stephen for corrections]

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