Lempicka - Woman Is Lyrics

2024 Broadway
Lempicka the Musical - Woman Is Lyrics

(Performer - Eden Espinosa)

Woman is plane, lines, form
Woman is plane, color, light
Woman is speed, green, shattered
Woman is powerful

Woman is shape, breath, form
Woman is bone, muscle, light
Woman is curve and shadow
Woman is beautiful

Black night, bodies and breath
I am alive
Black water, roll me another one
Tobacco and opium
I am on fire

Please let me blow the smoke
Into your open mouth
Here in the light

Woman is gone all night
Sneak past the room
Where my daughter sleeps
Sleeping child
Woman is flesh, kiss, lifting
Woman is Rafaela

Black night holding its breath
Are we alive?
Black eyes, falling fast into them
Tobacco and opium
Flicker match light

Please, let me hold you close
Here in the breathing dark
Don't close your eyes

A painting is not a woman,
Or a warhorse
Or a glittering sky
A painting is canvas,
Pigment, plan and design
Always design
Every minute design

Teach me to live,
Teach me to breathe,
Teach me to see
No question, no hesitation
Kiss me

I want to feel your soft lips,
Your sharp teeth
Feel your nails in my flesh,
Your light
Your color
Your pulse
Your sweat
Your speed
Your muscle
Your flesh
Your skin
Your bones
Your shadow
Your breath
Your blood
Your mouth
Your cry shattered
Your heartbeat
Your heartbeat
Your heartbeat
Your heartbeat
Your heartbeat

Warmed up bodies and breath
I am alive
Damn sheets
Watching your body rise,
Tangled here on the pillow
In the soft light

Please, let me watch you here
Don't wake up turning
Don't open your eyes

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