Noël Coward - Zigeuner Lyrics

The English playwright, actor, singer and songwriter
Noël Coward - Zigeuner Lyrics

This is the song from "Bitter Sweet the musical".

Once upon a time,
Many years ago,
Lived a fair Princess,
Hating to confess
Loneliness was torturing her so.
Then a gipsy came,
Called to her by name,
Woo'd her with a song,
Sensuous and strong,
All the summer long;
Her passion seemed to tremble like a living flame.

Play to me beneath the summer moon,
Zigeuner! Zigeuner! Zigeuner!
All I ask of life is just to listen
To the songs that you sing,
My spirit like a bird on the wing
Your melodies adoring soaring,
Call to me with some barbaric tune,
Zigeuner! Zigeuner! Zigeuner!
Now you hold me in your power,
Play to me for just an hour,

Bid my weeping cease,
Melody that brings
Merciful release,
Promises of peace,
Through the gentle throbbing of the strings.
Music of the plain,
Music of the wild,
Come to me again,
Hear me not in vain,
Soothe a heart in pain,
And let me to my happiness be reconciled.

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Zigeuner Lyrics Noel Coward

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