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Natasha Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Act 1

The story is set in Moscow, 1812, just before Napoleon's invasion of Russia and the burning of the city. As the story begins ("Prologue"), Pierre, a wealthy aristocrat, is having an existential crisis, living a slothful life of wine, philosophy, and inaction ("Pierre"). He is best friends with Prince Andrey Bolkonsky, who has left to go to war. Andrey has recently become engaged to the young, beautiful countess Natasha Rostova. Natasha and her cousin Sonya arrive in Moscow to stay the winter with Natasha's godmother, Marya D., while Natasha waits for Andrey to return from the war. Marya D. is an old friend of Pierre's ("Moscow"). Marya D. advises Natasha that she must visit her future in-laws, the demented old Prince Bolkonsky and his pitiable spinster daughter Mary ("The Private and Intimate Life of the House"), to win their affection in advance of the marriage, which is critical to the status and fortune of the Rostov family. However, Natasha's visit with Mary and Bolkonsky ends in disaster ("Natasha & Bolkonskys"), as Mary finds Natasha vain, Natasha finds Mary cold, and Bolkonsky behaves bizarrely. Natasha leaves their home missing Andrey more than ever ("No One Else").

The next night Natasha is introduced to decadent Moscow society after an extravagant performance at "The Opera". There she meets Prince Anatole Kuragin, a young and handsome man and, it turns out, a notorious rogue ("Natasha & Anatole"); their interaction leaves Natasha feeling confused.

Anatole, his friend Dolokhov, and Pierre go out drinking; they are met by Pierre's unpleasant wife, Hélène (Anatole's sister), who taunts Pierre and flirts with Dolokhov. Anatole plots with Dolokhov and Hélène to to have the young woman he just met, although he is already married. Pierre finds his wife's familiarity with Dolokhov offensive and drunkenly challenges him to a duel, accidentally wounding Dolokhov. When it is Dolokhov's turn to shoot, Pierre stands openly in front of the bullet, but Dolokhov miraculously misses him ("The Duel"). Alone, Pierre reflects on his near-death experience and realizes that despite wasting his life, he wishes to live ("Dust and Ashes").

Natasha and her family go to church ("Sunday Morning"). Hélène finds it amusing to encourage her brother Anatole's conquest of the young countess Natasha, which she knows would lead to Natasha's ruin. Hélène visits Natasha and invites her to the ball that night ("Charming"), where Anatole seduces Natasha, and she persuades herself that she loves him ("The Ball").

Act 2

Anatole and Natasha make plans to elope (she still does not know that he is married), and Natasha tearfully breaks off her engagement with Andrey ("Letters"). Sonya finds out about the plan and realizes it will mean Natasha's ruin ("Sonya & Natasha"); Sonya determines to save Natasha from herself even if it means she will lose her closest friend ("Sonya Alone"). That evening Anatole and Dolokhov plan for the elopement ("Preparations"), and Dolokhov tries to change Anatole's mind with no success. Balaga, Their trusted troika driver ("Balaga"), soon arrives to take them to Natasha's house and a wild party ensues as Anatole bids farewell to his friends. However, they are thwarted at the last moment by Marya D. ("The Abduction"). Marya D. scolds Natasha but then tries to comfort her with Sonya's help. Natasha screams at them, breaks down and waits for Anatole to come back for her all night ("In My House").

Marya D. calls on Pierre in the middle of the night ("A Call to Pierre"), begging him to handle the crisis, and Pierre finally learns that the object of Anatole's conquest is Natasha. Marya D. finds out that Anatole is married and tells a grief-stricken Natasha. Pierre, outraged, searches for Anatole ("Find Anatole"). When Pierre finds Anatole, he comes close to attacking him in rage, but instead gives him money and orders him to leave Moscow ("Pierre & Anatole"). Natasha poisons herself with arsenic ("Natasha Very Ill") but lives. The next day Andrey returns. Pierre explains the scandal to him and asks him to be compassionate, but Andrey is unable to forgive Natasha and will not ask for her hand in marriage again ("Pierre & Andrey"). Finally, Pierre visits Natasha ("Pierre & Natasha") and he comforts the distraught girl, giving her hope. After their meeting, Pierre experiences a moment of enlightenment himself while seeing The Great Comet of 1812 in the night sky.

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Synopsis to Natasha Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 the Musical

Natasha Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 the Musical Lyrics

The Private and Intimate Life of the House
Natasha & Bolkonskys
No One Else
The Opera
Natasha & Anatole
Natasha Lost
The Duel
Dust and Ashes
Sunday Morning
The Ball
Sonya & Natasha
Sonya Alone
The Abduction
In My House
A Call to Pierre
Find Anatole
Pierre & Anatole
Natasha Very Ill
Pierre & Andrey
Pierre & Natasha
The Great Comet of 1812