The Outsiders - Throwing in the Towel Lyrics

2024 Broadway
The Outsiders the Musical - Throwing in the Towel Lyrics

The song is written by Jonathan Clay, Zach Chance and Justin Levine.

Soda, I'm really a mess
Every night I worry myself to sleep
While you're watching cartoon
There ain't nothing I can do for you
I know that Ponyboy's
Really got a damn good heart
Something 'bout him
That really could take him far
But I keep holding him down
I've run this family right into the ground
Maybe you'd be best without me
I don't know what else to say
I lost our brother and I lost my way
I think a fool could've done better
Maybe I've been afraid to say
That I'm just not cut out for this
Just another failure on a growing list
And it's harder now than ever
It's more than I can take
There ain't no one to bail me out
There ain't no saving this now
I think I'm throwing in the towel

All the days when you feel
Like you're torn in two
Making dinner
Paying bills that are overdue
Think that I don't see?
It'd go to hell if it was left up to me
And I don't know what we would do
If you were not around
Wouldn't keep the ship afloat
When its going down
Darrel, I need you
And anyone can see that Pony does too
I know you love him
That's all you gotta do
And I don't know what else to say
I know you feel like you've lost your way
But I think you're doing better
Better than you know

This is the darkest hour
Of the darkest night
Looking up and you can't see no light
But the time is now
Or never there ain't no letting go

We need you more than ever now
Don't go throwing in the towel
I know your head is full of doubt
But brother,
That's what love is all about
Don't go throwing in the towel

I need you, Darrel
Can't lose my big brother too

When you love someone
That's all that you can do
There ain't no throwing in the towel

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The Outsiders the Musical Lyrics

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