Sleepwalking Lyrics - Peter Hollens

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Peter Hollens - Sleepwalking Lyrics

When I close my eyes at night I saw ya
When I woke I would close em tighter for ya
So you would linger just a little bit longer in my head, but
Eventually, I figured I was dreaming
And the thing about dreams,
They - aren't always what they seem, no

I'm over you,
I'm over love
I'm over this,
I've had enough - and I...
I can't believe I walked this way in the first place
The ever after's come and gone
And all thats left is another sad break up song
So now I'm sleepwalkin, watch me sleepwalk, away

I guess my sweet dreams, are a thing of yesterday
And it was one of those dreams that make you say, mmmmm
But you cut so deep, you cut me in my sleep
Now I really can't breathe,
Wake me out of this dream

Out of nightmare, out of this bed,
tonight the broken bedtime story ends,
give me the kick and let this crumblin' dream collapse,
cause once I wake up
I'm not coming back.....

Sleepwalking Peter Hollens Lyrics

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sleepwalking peter hollens lyrics

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