1928 Broadway
Paris the Musical - Plot Synopsis

Mrs. Cora Sabot is a domineering and haughty society matriarch who lives in Massachusetts. Her son Andrew plans on marrying the famous French stage actress Vivienne Rolland. Mrs. Sabot goes to Paris and decides that the actress is not of the caliber she wishes for her son, and therefore intends to stop the marriage. There she feigns drunkenness and fakes falling under the romantic influence of Guy Pennel, Vivienne's stage partner. However, she actually does become drunk and is comically transformed into a passionate woman. Mrs. Sabot's scheme works, and Vivienne realizes that she and Guy are meant to be romantic partners in life as well as on the stage. Andrew meanwhile understands that Brenda Kaley, as slow and obtuse as she is, will make the perfect wife.

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Two Little Babes in the Wood
Don't Look at Me That Way
Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love