The Prince of Egypt - Faster (Reprise) Lyrics

2020 West End
The Prince of Egypt the Musical - Faster (Reprise) Lyrics

RAMESES: (spoken)
Moses, where are you?

Through every prankish endeavour
Every wild chariot ride
One thing I thought was forever
You'd always be at my side
There was a time I thought that time would last
And somehow I'd be time's master

Too young and stupid to realise the time moved so fast
Now it seems even faster

TZIPPORAH: (spoken)
Look at you.
You used to live in a palace with hundreds
Of slaves looking after your every need

MOSES: (spoken)
Now hundreds of sheep look to me for their every need.
And you know what? I love them

Do you feel the same way about people?

Well, sheep are simple.
See that ram over there?
How he glances at that ewe.
He's afraid he's not worthy of her

He shouldn't worry.
She won't mind if he approaches

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