Placebo - If We Never Lyrics

Placebo the Musical - If We Never Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Danny Abosch.

If we never take a chance,
If we never risk it all,
If we never take a leap because we're too afraid to fall,
If we never put it out there,
Just play it safe and stay inside,
Then we'll never know what might have been if only we had tried.
It's not perfect, nothing's perfect.
It's a long way from ideal, but you're here,
and we're together, and it's real.
It's a brand new beginning.
It's a chance to start again.

It's our time to reach for all the things we only dreamed of then.
Who cares what we're risking,
We have nothing left to lose.
And our future can be anything we choose;
I see a modest house with a garden.
I see a ring on your left hand.

I see you happy and fulfilled with the career you always planned.
And if we never make it happen,
Then we'll never get to see
What we never in our wildest dreams believed could be.

If we never take the jump,
Never swim against the tide,
If we never cross the river, we'll never .......

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Placebo If We Never Lyrics