Rags - Penny a Tune Lyrics

1986 Broadway
Rags the Musical - Penny a Tune Lyrics

Penny a tune
Penny a tune
Tunes from around the block
Tunes from afar
Beautiful tunes
Played by musicians
Who played for the Czar

Penny a tune
(For a)
Penny a tune
(Only a penny)
Empty your pockets and fill up our hats
Music from the shops and the cold water flats
All for a penny a tune

All over the East Side they're making a beat
Four quarter time in the air
For kiddies and grannies
And tenement crannies
Working their fannies off there
They bring us the rhythm of Rivington Street
For just a penny a tune
One things for sure, though
We sweat and we stitch
Where folks are poor that's where music is rich
Music tonight and the long afternoon
At only a penny a tune

Stitch, pedal stitch
Stitch, pedal stitch

Oh Nathan you should see me working in this shop
Here where the needles and the noises never stop
So many things I've done I thought I couldn't do
Oh Nathan, to be with you

The days may be long and the work may be dull
Patience and strength can wear thin
The music comes near it
Can lift up your spirit
To hear it from seats by your win

Oh I've got a boyfriend, and his name is Ben
Ain't that a beautiful name
He's got this rich cousin
And work that Ben does in
His factory will make Ben the same
Some day he'll be boss there
I know it, and then
He'll be coming for me
I don't know when
But it's gonna be soon

Left the factory in Minsk
To cross the sea
And look at me, I ain't come far

A prince among men
My Prince Street tycoon

But I'll find Bella here
And make a family
And never make another damn cigar

Oh sweet are the dreams of
A hot afternoon
Play it again
For Bella and Ben
At only a penny a tune

Pots and pans and dishes
Almost new, folks
Usually a dime
But just a nickel, for you

We got apples sweet as spices

Hey you can't beat our prices

A loss we're taking
All we're making
Here is making do



Listen to those Eastside melodies
Old world, new world, jumbled up in strange harmonies
Out of the noise and the dreams and the sweat
Ain't it a wonder what music we get
Priceless, and yet

Just a penny a tune!

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