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Raul Esparza - Jonas's Soliloquy Lyrics

"Jonas's Soliloquy" is a song from Leap of Faith musical performed by Raul Esparza (Jonas).

Well it's some kind of scam, isn't it?
It was all just too packed, wasn't it?
It's that kid, and his mother,
In cahoots with one another.
Sure it's gotta be that, doesn't it?

What's the game?
Well who knows?
Should've seen it, I suppose.
Well they worked me and they played me
Can't believe they nearly swayed me.

Or it might be a fluke, mightn't it?
Could be all in his head, couldn't it?
Something wrong in his attic,
Psycho—what's the world?—somatic
would explain it instead, wouldn't it?

It makes sense, it was odd,
All that crap with him and God,
And those morons really think they got a miracle,
Swear they felt the hand of fate.
Anyone can see it's not a miracle.
Time to set those suckers straight.

No one here but me can make a miracle.
I'm the guy who pulls the strings.
I say where and when to fake a miracle.
Get it folks? There's no such thing.

But we're just flesh and bone, aren't we?
In this world on our own, aren't we?
Fine with me. I've succeeded.
I am all I ever needed,
And we're better off alone, aren't we?
Aren't we?
Aren't we?

What the hell happened in that tent, tonight?

Can't be you, you're not real, are you?
And you know faith can't heal, don't you?
But if good did come though me,
Don't just stand there,
Prove it to me, come on, make me a deal.
Won't you?

Wipe the slate, make me new
Point the way to something true.
Do it now, cos I'll never ask again.

Give me something to believe in.
One damn thing and we'll be even.

Go ahead.
Here I am.
Bring it on—please!


[Thanks to Brett Casey for lyrics]

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