The Regulars - Who Am I? Lyrics

2022 A folk musical
The Regulars the Musical - Who Am I? Lyrics

The song is written by Will Shishmanian.

Who am I?
Summarized in a minute or less,
Picking pieces that make me look the best
In a stranger's eyes?

Who am I?
I'm still learning so it's hard to say,
But this interview has got to go my way
Time to improvise.

Can anyone see all of these sides of me?
Will I always have to compartmentalize?
Does everyone need to know
All of the ways I've grown
If the change in me is something they despise?

Who am I?
Just a man who's a little self made.
Born a daughter but my consciousness forbade
A life of compromise.

These days nothing is certain,
Some places you know you're
Safer if you're discreet.
I weigh the risks that I'm taking the choices
I'm making to feel complete.

Getting by hardly knowing what is safe to say.
If I'm honest there's a chance I could stay,
Or I could be denied even if I tried
I don't know if I can start over again.
What's left to decide?

Can anyone see all of these sides of me?
All the moments I've been locking deep inside.
Does anyone need to know who I was long ago
When it's easier to take it all in stride.
Getting by always hoping there's another way
In a town that never changes day to day
Beneath an open sky.

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