Stephen Sondheim - The Gun Song Lyrics

2010 Broadway
Sondheim on Sondheim the Musical - The Gun Song Lyrics

It takes a lot of men to make a gun,
Hundreds, Many men to make a gun:

Men in the mines
To dig the iron
Men in the mills
To forge the steel,
Men at machines
To turn the barrel,
Mold the trigger,
Shape the wheel-
It takes a lot of men to make a gun...
One gun...

And all you have to do
Is move you little finger,
Move your little finger and-
You can change the world.

Why should you be blue
When you've you little finger?
Prove how just a little finger
Can change the world.

I hate this gun...

What a wonder is a gun!
What a versatile invention!
First of all, when you've a gun-
Everybody pays attention.

When you think what must be done,
Think of all that it can do:
Remove a scoundrel,
Unite a party,
Preserve the Union,
Promote the sales of my book,
Insure my future,
My niche in history,
And then the world will see
That I am not a man to overlook!

And all you have to do
Is squeeze your little finger.
Ease your little finger back-
You can change the world.

Whatever else is true,
You trust your little finger.
Just a single little finger
Can change the world.

I got this really great gun-
Shit, where is it?
No, it's really great-

Shit, where is it?
It's just a .38-
It's a gun.
You can make a statement-
With a gun-
Even if you fail.

It tells 'em who you are
Where you stand.
This one was on sale.
It- no not the shoe-
Well, actually the shoe was, too.

No, that's not it-
Shit, I had it here-
Got it!

Yeah! There it is! And-

All you have to do
Is crook your little finger,
Hook your little finger 'round-

Shit, I shot it...

- You can change the world.

Simply follow through,
And look, your little finger
Slow them down
To a crawl,
Show them all,
Big and small,
It took a little finger
No time
To change the world.

A gun kills many men before it's done,
Long before you shoot the gun:
Men in the mines
And in the steel mills,
Men at machines,
Who died for what?

Something to buy-
A watch, a shoe, a gun,
A thing to make the bosses richer,
But a gun claims many men before it's done...

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