This Is The Army - Opening Chorus Lyrics

1946 Broadway
This Is The Army the Musical - Opening Chorus Lyrics

The song is written by Irving Berlin.

You thought that many, many years ago
You saw the last of every soldier show
But here we are, yes, here we are again
A lot of water's gone across the dam
Since we put make-up on for Uncle Sam
To treat you as our fathers treated you then
We were drafted by our President
And we march with banners unfurled
We were drilled and trained to represent
The greatest army in the world
Yes, the greatest army
Of actors in the world

Now don't get us wrong
We're not here for long
Our stay in the theater is brief
We're here with the show
To help get some dough
Some dough for the Army Relief
The much needed Army Relief

But beneath the powder
And beneath the paint
There's a soldier brave and true
If some guy in Congress tells
You that we ain't
Let him do what we had to do
And go through what we went through
We all have been selected
From nearby and from far
They asked us lots of questions,
They jabbed us in the arm
We stood there at attention,
Our faces turning red
The Sergeant looked us over
And this is what he said

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This Is The Army the Musical Lyrics

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