The Time Traveller's Wife - Prologue Lyrics

2023 West End
The Time Traveller's Wife the Musical - Prologue Lyrics

The song is written by Joss Stone and Dave Stewart.

CLARE: (spoken)
Long ago, sailors went to sea
And those they loved waited for them
Standing on the shore,
Hoping they return
Now, I wait for Henry
He vanishes unwillingly,
Without warning
Flung across years, decades
Time is the sea and the storm
And he is the smallest boat
Fighting his way back to me

HENRY: (spoken)
And when I'm out there,
Somewhere in time,
I am inverted
Changed into a desperate version of myself,
A thief, a vagrant
An illusion of the highеst order
So incredible that I am actually truе

CLARE: (spoken)
It's hard being the one who stays
Not knowing where or "when" he is

HENRY: (spoken)
I hate to be where she is not
And yet I'm always going
Where she cannot follow

CLARE: (spoken)
In truth, we follow each other
Find each other again and again

HENRY: (spoken)
Always, again

We found our place
Though the world is wide
And yet here we are
Standing side by side

'Cause you came along and held me up
You gave me love, refilled my cup

And I stood by you
When the nights were long
And the clouds were forming
Just before the storm
I would choose one day
Have the life we shared
Even though it means
Nothing else compares

I've been searching in the dark

For a needle in the hay

I really lost my way
And all we've been through

We may be tired as hell

But this story, we'll tell

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The Time Traveller's Wife the Musical Lyrics

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