Vanara - My Kind of Queen Lyrics

Vanara the Musical - My Kind of Queen Lyrics

The song is written by Gianluca Cucchiara and Andrew James Whelan.

No more the child.
A woman stands here now.
Her future straight as a spear,
She has no choice
No space for her,
Her heart or her voice

Cold and demanding duty is waiting
It walks beside me
And there is no place to hide
No space for sanity, vanity or pride

I don’t know who I am yet
I don’t know who I might have been
But if that’s who I have to be
Then I will be own my kind of Queen

I don’t know how to do this
I don’t know what I could have seen
But if that’s how it has to be
Then I will be my own kind of Queen

Here is my promise,
If I am to lead
I will not sigh or weep,
I’ll keep my temper,
Advise and empathise
No fear will break me,
No foe will succeed
I will protect my people,
And look to their needs
Unselfish and evergreen,
I will be their Queen

And if I fail and if I falter
Then I shall fail with courage and with grace
And if we have to run
Then we will run to a better place

I don’t know how to rule yet
Or how to make the fighting cease
But if I lead I’ll try to be
Fierce in war and fair in peace

And if I try to be the very best that I can be
Generous, just, sincere, undeterred
As she looks down
From high above the Goddess Moon will see
A leader who cares,
A leader who dares,
Whose voice is the voice to be heard
Who stands by her choice and her word.

Here is my promise if I am to rule
I’ll lead us to a future
That’s attainable and sustainable.
Working together we’d finally see,
What’s just beyond the horizon,
New life peaceful and free
And all this thanks to me,
For I‘ll be their Queen.

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Vanara the Musical Lyrics

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