Noël Coward - Let's Live Dangerously Lyrics

1932 West End
Words and Music the Musical - Let's Live Dangerously Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

(Verse: 1)
Life won’t fool us
Because we’re out to lick it
We’ve got its ticket
And we’ll kick it
In the pants

Fate will never catch us asleep
We’ll be ready to leap
When there’s the slightest chance
Life won’t rule us
Determined to subdue it
We’ll give the raspberry to it
Do it in the eye

We believe in following through
All we’re ready to do
Or die.

Let’s live dangerously dangerously dangerously
Let’s grab every opportunity we can

Let’s swill
Each pill
Destiny has in store
Absorbing life at every pore
We’ll scream and yell for more
Let’s live turbulently turbulently turbulently
Let’s add something to the history of man
Come what may
We’ll be spectacular
And go ‘Hey Hey’
In the vernacular
And so until we break beneath the strain
In various ways
We’re going to be raising Cain.

(Refrain: 2)
Let’s live dangerously dangerously dangerously
Let’s all glory in the bludgeonings of chance
Let’s win .

Out in

Spite of the angry crowd
And if the simile’s allowed
Be Bloody but unbowed

Let’s live boisterously boisterously roisterously
Let’s lead moralists the devil of a dance
Let’s succumb
Completely to temptation
Probe and plumb
To find a new sensation
Where we’ll end up
Nobody can tell
So pardon the phrase
We mean to be raising Hell!

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