Noël Coward - Housemaids' Knees Lyrics

1932 West End
Words and Music the Musical - Housemaids' Knees Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

Pretty little housemaids proper and sedate
Um um umum um um um.
We seldom go to bed too early
And we rise extremely late.
Pretty little housemaids eager to improve
Um um umum um um um
Each shining hour,
By slightly widening our small
domestic groove.

We wish to help the Nation
To forget its pence and pounds
Our little innovation
Is on patriotic grounds.

Make England brighter
That’s what we try to do
Out clothes are lighter
Our skirts are shorter too
When there’s the slightest breeze
You see these
Housemaids’ knees.

When there’s a Crisis
Forget it while you can
Our firm advice is
To every business man
Just take a look at these
Housemaids’ knees.

In our domestic
And our personal relationships
You must forgive us if
Our consciousness of ‘station’ slips
A little beauty
May stop you feeling blue
We feel our duty
Is to enable you
To gaze at skittish
Absolutely British
Housemaids’ knees I

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Words and Music the Musical Lyrics

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