Waitress the Musical - Bad Idea (Reprise)

2016 Broadway Production
Waitress the Musical - Bad Idea (Reprise) Lyrics

"Bad Idea (Reprise)" is a song from the musical "Waitress" performed by Company. Music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles.

Hearts keep racing
There's no mistaking
We can't come back from this
Good, 'cause I want more of what I've had
It feels so good to (feels so good)
To be bad
To be bad

[Spoken] 'In The Dark' dark chocolate pie

Take this bad idea and walk this wire
Throw your spark into oil and fire
Chance won't come every single day
So don't throw it away
Don't throw it away

We might burn
But we might get saved
I don't feel much fire at all these days
Feels so good to (feels so good)

To be bad

[Thanks to Retsonine for lyrics]

Waitress the Musical Bad Idea Reprise Lyrics

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