Anastasia - Everything to Win Lyrics

2017 Broadway Production
ANASTASIA the Musical - Everything to Win Lyrics

What are they saying?
Wonder how long they'll be?
Why should I worry?
Worrying's not like me!

Nothing to do
But pace and stew
And wait till the girl walks in...
Why panic now
With everything to win?

Nothing but silence.
This could be bad, but
No! Let's assume it's good.
Thought it was foolproof.
Nothing is foolproof!
Whoa! Better knock on wood!

Girl gets a family,
Boy gets rich!
And fairytale gets a spin!
How can we fail
With everything to win!

I wonder
If our paths
Will ever cross again
The way they
Did when you were eight
And I was ten.

We said this was goodbye,
But even so
You never know.
You never know...

I should be glad that
We're breaking free, but
Nothing is what it was.
I didn't know
She mattered to me, but
Now I can see she does...

Con man and princess
Get their wish and
Fairytale comes true!
Funny, the one small part
I never knew...
With everything to win
The only thing I lose
Is you.

[Thanks to Wolfjackle, Megan, Elyse Pietruszka for lyrics]

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