Daddy Long Legs - I'm a Beast (Reprise) Lyrics

Off-Broadway Production
Daddy Long Legs the Musical - I'm a Beast (Reprise) Lyrics

"I'm a Beast (Reprise)" is a song from musical 'Daddy Long Legs' performed by Paul Alexander Nolan.

I'm a beast
I'm a disappointment
And I've earned your contempt
I was rash, I was wrong
Oh Jerusha, I'm no good at being strong

So many times I wanted to tell you
But I lost my nerve
Now I feel your scorn and frustration
It's a bitter blow I well deserve

I'm a beast
I was overzealous
Guess I have a jealous heart
I was daft, I was blind
But Jerusha, I never meant to be unkind

[Thanks to Freya for lyrics]

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I'm a Beast (Reprise) Lyrics Daddy Long Legs the Musical Lyrics