Daddy Long Legs - My Manhattan Lyrics

Off-Broadway Production
Daddy Long Legs the Musical - My Manhattan Lyrics

"My Manhattan" is a song from musical 'Daddy Long Legs' performed by Paul Alexander Nolan.

The lights are bright in the New York night,
Theres a bustle on the street
And you feel alive but you dont know why,
And you're dizzy from the heat
The traffic moves in rhythm with your own heart beat
When you woke today and you didn't know,
what the world is all about
Now you'll never see the way you saw before
And now there isn't any doubt
The city's full of questions that you must find out
Let me show you my Manhattan
It's mesmerizing, a metropolitan dream
You would thrive in my Manhattan (Mesmerizing)
A thousand lights for you to see
All the things you'll be
Let me show you my Manhattan, Jerusha
And a trolley car and a two set plane
And Julia buys a hat
So were running late for a play at 8
About a Danish autocrat
A town that never sleeps can you imagine that
Let me show you my Manhattan
It's captivating
The new york times at your door(It's Captivating)
You would flourish in Manhattan (Mesmerizing)
There's so much wonder in the air
Nothing can compare
Let me show you my Manhattan, Jerusha
Mercy daddy, isn't New York big?
Do you mean to tell me you actually live in all that confusion?
It will take me months to recover from two days of it.
You are welcome in Manhattan
It's waiting for you
Rendezvous in Time Square (There's Troy C. Colwin?)
Take a chance on my Manhattan
(5th avenue)
The Algonquin
Is the rage, Crusoe on the stage
Write a page about Manhattan
The plaza, rubbing elbows with the queen (?)
While having drinks with Oscar Hammerstein
The belasco and the met (Coney island)
The sights you will not soon forget (There's J.P. Morgan)
Just hop on the 9th avenue line
The city could be yours and mine
My Manhattan
(your Manhattan)
Your Manhattan
Our Manhattan

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My Manhattan lyrics from Daddy Long Legs the musical