Kimberly Akimbo - Hello, Baby Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Kimberly Akimbo the Musical - Hello, Baby Lyrics

Music by Jeanine Tesori and lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire.

Hello, baby
It's me, your daddy
Pattie will be mad I used the camera
I need distraction
I'm not drinking

(spoken) See that?

I'm a good guy
I don't know what pattie's been telling you
But you should know
I'm a good guy
(spoken) So

I guess you're coming
Another baby

(spoken) Huh

You know what's funny?
I never pictured myself a father

(spoken) I mean, I like kids.
I'm just more of a bachelor uncle type
I mean, I don't regret it, I just
When you're young,
You imagine yourself doing things, just

Crazy unrealistic stuff
I used to think I might live in spain
I'm not sure why
The bulls, maybe pamplona
Guys running in streets getting gored
That looked cool
Plus I had a band in high school
I don't think it would've gone anywhere, but
You never know

But then
Pattie got pregnant with kim
And I was like
Well okay, I guess I'll do this then
Which was fine
It made things easier in some ways
To not have choices. I mean
Most guys are
Just guys who go to work
Guys with kids and medical bills
There's no shame in that
Just being a regular person

Do the stupid stuff, baby
You have your whole life to settle down
Keep your options open
For as long as you can
And see the world
See the world
See the world
That's my advice to you

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Kimberly Akimbo the Musical Lyrics

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