Kimberly Akimbo - Make a Wish Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Kimberly Akimbo the Musical - Make a Wish Lyrics

Music by Jeanine Tesori and lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire.

Dear Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey
Hello and how are you?
My name is Kimberly Levaco
Please see the attached documentation informing
You of my condition and life expectancy
It seems like I meet all your qualifications so
Lucky me
I see on the form
That you ask for three wishes
You're like a genie
Three wishes
Except you're only going to
Grant one of them
Frowny face
I bet you pick whatever's cheapest
Haha Smiley Face

DEBRA: (spoken)
What are you doing?

First wish
I want to be a model for a day
A famous fashion muse
In a black Dior cocktail dress
And a pair of Jimmy Choos
I'll run from paparazzi
And throw some diva fits
Then hurry to a photo shoot
With Annie Leibowitz
Everyone will stare at me
But not in the usual way
They'll say that I am beautiful
They'll say that I am beautiful
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful
For a day
For a day

Wish Number Two
I want to take a fancy cruise
On a swanky charter yacht
With fifty of my closest friends
Far from Jersey power lines
Far from Newark Bay
We'll go somewhere that's beautiful
We'll go somewhere that's beautiful
For a day
Third wish
Don't want to waste it
I could wish for anything

What about a tree house?
I always wanted a tree house
No, think big
They'll give me anything
Think big, Kimmy
I'd like a pet of some kind
Maybe a monkey
Who wouldn't want a monkey
I want to hang glide
I want to clog dance
I want to swim at the bottom of waterfall
I want a butler
Who's a robot
How about a hyperberic chamber
Or a bodyguard
Or stilts
I want to walk on stilts
I want to bungee jump
In Sweden
I want to go to China
Or New Zealand
And St. Louis
I want a jet ski
I want piranhas
In a fish tank
Piranha in a really big fish tank
I want
A simple home-cooked meal
A table set for three
A wispy paper napkin resting on my knee
He'll chuckle at her jokes
She'll fill his water glass
They'll ask me how my day was
I'll mention science class
We'll end with cherry cheesecake
And a little (?)
We'll live like normal people live
However normal people live
For a day
For a day
For a day
Wish Number Three
A Tree house
Thank you for you're consideration
Kimberly Levaco

Smiley Face

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