Kimberly Akimbo - SYNOPSIS

2022 Broadway
Kimberly Akimbo the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Act l

At an ice skating rink named "Skater Planet" in Bergen County, New Jersey, six teenagers–Kimberly Levaco, Seth Weetis, Martin Doaty, Aaron Puckett, Teresa Benton, and Delia McDaniels–express their frustrations and. Kim is the new girl in town, with a disease that makes her age four and a half times as fast as normal. She wants to go to Six Flags Great Adventure. Seth feels like a misfit, and works at the rink. The four others are all pining for another member of their friend group unrequitedly (Martin for Aaron, Aaron for Delia, Delia for Teresa, and Teresa for Martin). They all feel as if they don't fit in, and express their desire to "be seen" ("Skater Planet"). Kim is waiting for her father, Buddy, at 10:30, when he said that he would pick her up at 7:00. The rink closed at 8:00. He arrives, drunk, and Kimberly gives him a thermos filled with coffee to sober up. Seth comes back to the rink for his tuba, which he had left inside. He asks Kim to be his partner for an upcoming biology project, and says that they could do it about her disease. Buddy retorts and says that Kimberly is researching glaucoma, and insults Seth behind his back. Buddy tells Kimberly to tell her mother, Pattie, that they were late due to car troubles. At the Levaco's home, Pattie, pregnant and with casts on both arms, creates a video for her yet-to-be-born baby ("Hello, Darling"). When Buddy and Kim arrive home, Pattie chastises Buddy for their lateness and his drunkenness, which leads to an argument were both parents end up having to give quarters to the family "swear jar". Buddy suggests the idea that if they save up enough in the swear jar, they could go on a road trip, which Pattie quickly shoots down. It is also established that the family is trying to keep secret the fact that they're from Lodi, New Jersey. In her room, Kimberly writes a letter to the "Make A Wish Foundation". She requests a treehouse, after going back and forth between an array of wishes ("Make A Wish").

At school, Martin, Aaron, Delia, and Teresa, make plans for a Dreamgirls mashup for their school show choir, one that will compete with their rival, West Orange's Evita mashup. They reaffirm their problems with unrequited love ("Skater Planet reprise 1"). The group then plans to get classic show choir outfits (blue dresses for the girls and turquoise suits for the boys). Kimberly agrees to be Seth's partner for the biology project, and to use her disease as their topic. Delia invites Teresa to Skater Planet, but Teresa wants to invite Martin. This results in all four members of the friend group agreeing to go to Skater Planet, after Martin invites Aaron. In the library, while studying for their project, Seth creates an anagram of Kim's name. She realizes that she likes him ("Anagram"). Debra, Kim's criminal aunt, shows up and makes crude jokes. She reveals that she has been sleeping in the school library, waiting to find Kimberly. The Levaco family moved from Lodi in a manner that made it difficult for Debra to find them, which was intentional. Debra tells Kim about an exciting new opportunity to make a lot of money, and that it is only "slightly illegal". Debra also tries to convince Martin, Aaron, Delia, and Teresa to help out ("Better"). Kim agrees, but only if she gets a say in the plan, and only if Debra agrees that nobody will get hurt. Debra is ecstatic, and tells Kimberly to leave the window and door unlocked at her house.

Around midnight, at the house, Kim goes to unlock the door, but is caught by Pattie, who is awake because of the baby's kicking. Kimberly distracts her, as Debra sneaks in the window. Kim tells her mother that she reminds her of Medea. However, despite Kim's distraction efforts, Pattie catches Debra. Ignoring Pattie's protests, Debra comes into the house, and drags a mailbox into the basement. Pattie reflects on and laments her situation, before singing a lullaby that she used to sing for Kim to the new baby ("Hello, Darling (reprise)/Father Time"). At this point, it is Kim's sixteenth birthday. The life expectancy of one with her disease is sixteen years old. The next morning, Buddy is driving Kim and Seth to school, but embarrasses Kim by yelling at Seth for supposedly wanting to "get in her [Kimberly's] pants". He also throws Seth's muffin out of the car window ("Happy For Her"). Kimberly yells at her father, and tells him that she hopes he drives the car off the road and crashes into a tree, then dies. Later, at school, Seth tells Kim that if she wanted him to kiss her, he'd do it. He also invites Kim to come to Skater Planet that night, which she agrees to. Kim reflects on her feelings for Seth ("Anagram (reprise)"). That night, at Skater Planet, Seth gives Kimberly a present of a book of anagrams. Pattie, Debra, and Buddy all show up as well, having been invited by Seth, who reveals to Kim that this is a surprise birthday party. Debra gifts Kim an extremely large pinecone, while Buddy and Pattie both promise to, respectively, stop drinking and be a better mother as their presents. Martin, Aaron, Delia, and Teresa arrive, also having been invited to the party. Delia informs the group that they won't be able to get their costumes, because the show choir has run out of money. Hearing this, Debra ropes them into her plan once more. Everybody hopes for the future ("This Time").  

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Kimberly Akimbo the Musical Lyrics

Skater Planet
Hello, Darling
Make a Wish
Skater Planet (reprise 1)
Hello, Darling (reprise)
Father Time
Happy For Her
This Time
How to Wash a Check
Good Kid
Hello, Baby
Our Disease
The Inevitable Turn
How to Wash a Check (reprise)
Before I Go
Great Adventure