Mr. Saturday Night - Any Man But Me Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Mr. Saturday Night the Musical - Any Man But Me Lyrics

The song is written by Jason Robert Brown and Amanda Green. Performed by Billy Crystal (Buddy).

Any man but me would say I'm sorry
Any man but me would say don't go
Grab him tight and ask him to forgive me
That's the kind of stuff that any man would know
Always got to prove that I know better
Why can't I for once just let it be?
Will I ever learn to be like any man but me?

All my life I've always been a fighter
Right or wrong, that's just the way it is
You go around and show the world your weakness
And you won't last thirty seconds in this biz
It's more than fifty years of mister tough guy
Hey tough guy! Are you where you wanna be?
I'm out of luck and out of rope
And out of friends and out of hope
You'd think I would have changed but nope
That's any man but me
What if I got to start all over?
Instead of b?ing bitter?
Instead of being mad?
What if for onc? I was just grateful?
Grateful for the life that I had?

Any man would know he's good and lucky
Why did it take all this time to see?
The things that really matter more
The stuff that's worth the fighting for
It's all been there in front of me
If only I could learn to be
Like any man
Any man
But me

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Any Man But Me Lyrics Mr. Saturday Night

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