Mr. Saturday Night - Until Now Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Mr. Saturday Night the Musical - Until Now Lyrics

The song is written by Jason Robert Brown and Amanda Green. Performed by Billy Crystal (Buddy), Randy Graff (Elaine), & David Paymer (Stan).

Always had the dream from an early age
To be cracking wise on the center stage
But I never thought I'd get there until now
Sure, I had the will and I had the drive
But who knew that I'd feel so alive
Never thought that I could kill 'em until now
Just to feel the rush
That comes up there from knowing
That they're with you,
And you know how well it's going
Sure, you run up there like a nervous pup
And you hit 'em hard and they lap it up
And you know your life is forever changed som?how
And I never knew for sur? I had it in me
Until now
Until now
Until now

ELAINE: (spoken)
That must have been amazing!

BUDDY: (spoken)
Yeah, but then it got better!

ELAINE: (spoken)

When I walked onstage who would ever guess
I'd see table eight in her fancy dress?
Never lost my cool and timing until now
It was like I saw my whole life in that minute
And the future I could have if you were in it

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

ELAINE: (spoken)
I don't think you are, actually.

I could never be just some nice guy's wife
Who will never know what there is in life
No one ever understood that until now
Then you start to talk and I'm in your grip
Like we're taking off on a rocket ship
Never felt something so thrilling until now

I guess you never really know what life will make you
Where the rollercoaster ride is gonna take you
It can't be chance, no, it must be fate
To have all I want fall right on my plate
And the perfect night and the perfect date and wow

I couldn't add one thing to make you more inviting

I never knew someone could make life so exciting

Love was nothing but a trap that I was fighting
Until now
Until now
Until now

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