Mr. Saturday Night - My Wonderful Pain Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Mr. Saturday Night the Musical - My Wonderful Pain Lyrics

The song is written by Jason Robert Brown and Amanda Green. Performed by Randy Graff (Elaine) & Billy Crystal (Buddy).

Funny thing you should have a doubt in your mind
Listen you, like a rash you got this
Shut your trap, they are gonna love you when you let fly
Funny thing, sometimes I could kick your behind
Think about a life that's maybe not this
Then you come with that old look in your eye
Like you're starved and I'm pastrami with Swiss on rye

There's not a day you don't make me crazy
But I wouldn't take back a single one
With all of the prob' life keeps throwing at you
Well Jesus, you better have fun
And though there are times when I'd gladly kill you
I put up with forty years more
You hog the bed
You give me gas
You'll knock 'em dead
My wonderful pain in the ass

Funny thing, I'm the one supposed to be strong
Look at me acting like a baby
Funny thing, I thought when we met I was saving you
Funny thing, you put up with me for this long
I drive you nuts, I make a mess, well maybe
Spotting you on that night out of the blue
That's one thing I did right—still can't believe it's true

There's not a day you don't make me crazy

The ace up my sleeve, my one great success
Me, I'm a wreck, but you're still and always
The girl in the polka-dot dress

Though there's not much fun in growing older
I'd sign up for forty years more

You give me hope
You give me class

You make me laugh
You take my sass

I love you, signed
Your personal pain in the ass

You're looking good

You must be blind

You think we could?

Might take some time

I love you, signed
Your wonderful pain in the ass

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