Jane Doe's Entrance Lyrics

2016 Off-Broadway
Ride the Cyclone the Musical - Jane Doe's Entrance Lyrics

The song is written by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell.

OCEAN: (spoken)
Well, this couldn’t possibly get any stranger...

KARNAK: (spoken)
I’m under the firm belief that it always can...

(The curtain slowly rises spilling with smoke.
JANE DOE is revealed.
A haunting figure with blond dolly locks,
White face, and black eyes.
She clutches a headless doll....
JANE moves like a marionette
With broken strings.)


JANE DOE: (spoken)
"Jane Doe" is what the coroner said
They found my body, not my head
No parents came, and so they never learned...
My name, or who I used to be
My life, an unsolved mystery
From ashes I was made
And ashes I return
And so I walk alone and wonder why?

Why? Why? Why?

CONSTANCE: (spoken)
I'm gonna stand a little farther
away from you, okay?

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Ride the Cyclone the Musical Lyrics

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