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2016 Off-Broadway
Ride the Cyclone the Musical - Welcome Lyrics

The song is written by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell.

KARNAK: (spoken)
Hello, I am the amazing Karnak.
I was designed to predict the exact time
And place of someone's death
So you already know you're in for a good time,
And welcome to the Ride The Cyclone album,
Where through my years of prognostication,
I've realized that the only thing
That makes less money than theatre,
Is releasing an album on a streaming service.

Yes, this is the talking part of the album
That you will remove
From the playlist in future rotations
Or perhaps you are listening
To this on a vinyl record
And have to go through the painstaking process
Of skipping this track manually,
All because of your absurd insistence
That sound technology has not progressed
Since the year 1877.
Eventually you will resign yourself
To sitting through
This talking part multiple times,
Weeping openly in the fetal position,
One step closer to the realization
That free will is just a fridge magnet,
And we live briefly in a cold unfeeling
Deterministic universe
In an abandoned warehouse called time

Ah! Musicals!

And now, without further ado:
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you the Saint Cassian Chamber Choir
From Uranium City, Saskatchewan

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Ride the Cyclone the Musical Lyrics

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