The Wedding Singer - A Note from Grandma Lyrics

2006 Broadway
The Wedding Singer the Musical - A Note from Grandma Lyrics

To my dearest robbie
I think we need some space
Please forgive my timing
Dot dot dot, smiley face

I woke up this morning
Prepared to walk on air
Then realized that you've cramped my style
As I cramped my hair
You're just not that same person
They guy I used to know
I'm not in love with robbie now
But robbie seven years ago

You should have been in motley crew
Or david lee roth's replacement
But instead you sing while people chew
And you live in your grandma's basement

I hope this note is something
That you can rise above
Deep down you weren't in love with me
You were just in love with love
And so it's best we end this
Before we even start

Signed, your pal
The "I" is dotted
With a broken heart

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The Wedding Singer Lyrics A Note from Grandma

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