9 To 5 - 9 to 5 Song Lyrics

2019 West End
9 To 5 The Musical - 9 to 5 Lyrics

(Dolly Parton, Caroline Sheen, Natalie McQueen, Ashford Campbell & Amber Davies)

Woo – look at all this
Hey there london, don’t you look fancy
And how about me? Haha, it’s me dolly
Some call me the queen of country music
But I know you’ve got your own queen
But there’s room for more than one, right?
Actually I bet we’ve got plenty of queens out here tonight, haha

We’re going back to the 1980’s
Where a gallon of gas ran about 86 cents
But manners cost you nothing
And hairspray was so strong,
You could get your giant hair do
And fix your wall paper at the same time

Back then, we were just secretaries in a man’s world
And it seemed like our whole life existed
Between the hours of 9 to 5

Well I tumble outta’ bed and stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
Yawn and stretch and try to come to life
And I jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin'
Out on the streets the traffic starts jumpin'
For folks like me on the job from nine to five.

Workin' nine to five
What a way to make a livin'
Barely gettin' by
It's all takin' and no givin'
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
It's enough to drive you
Crazy if you let it

Hoo hoo hoo ooo woo

Well let me tell you what’s going on
That’s violet newstead, she’s the company veteran
That’s what the boss calls you when you’re too old
To chase and too good to fire
Course, violets husband passed away suddenly a few years ago
And she’s tryin’ to raise her teenage son at the same time
She’s tryin’ to rise through the ranks at work
Lord she’s wound tighter than a banjo string right now
And I’m afraid she’s just gonna snap

My two lives have got me hopping
Dawn to midnight there’s no stopping
Don’t know which I’m mothering the most
Pack his lunch and kiss my son
And grab my purse and I keep running
Got so much on my plate, I could choke.

Working nine to five,
For service and devotion
You would think that I
Would deserve a fat promotion
Want to move ahead
But the boss won't seem to let me
I swear sometimes that man is out to get me

Nine to five
Nine to fi-hi-hive

Awwww, and there’s doralee rhodes
Aint she just the cutest thing!?
She’s married to a good old boy called dwayne
And dreams of being a singer
She’s sexy, she’s sweet, she’s smart as a fox
Oh you know who she is…

They let your dream
Just to watch 'em shatter
You're just a step
On the boss man's ladder
But you got dreams he'll never take away

You’re in the same boat
With a lot of your friends
Waitin' for the day
Your ship will come in

The tide's gonna turn
And it's all gonna roll your way

Nine to five (Nine to five)

As long as we’re together
You know you and I (you and I)
We’ll make it through whatever
They can’t keep us down
We’ll just rise above it
You hold on to me
We’ll tell them where to shove it.

Nine to five you can lose your mind
Get up and work, get up and work
Nine to five you can lose your mind
Workin nine to five
Nine to five you can lose your mind
Nine to five
It’s enough to drive you crazy
It’s enough to drive you crazy
It’s enough to drive you crazy
It’s enough to drive you

Get up and work, get up and work
Nine to five
Nine to five

Dreams and plans are in the making (five)
Success is out there for the taking
Wish it was as simple as it sounds (simple as it sounds)

And finally there’s judy bernly
The world told her that if you marry your sweetheart
And make him a nice little home, you’ll be happy forever
But no one told her that sweetheart,
The appropriately named ‘dick’
Was going to be running off with his secretary
So now it’s jud’ys first day at her very first job
Wish her luck, coz she’s gonna need it

I swear to you I’m gonna do it
Grit my teeth and I’ll get through it (ooo)
Its hard to see the upside when you’re down

Working nine to five
It became necessary
When my husband dick (dick)
Left me for his secretary
Never worked before
But somehow I’ve gotta make it
‘Til I learn the ropes
I guess I’ll just have to fake it.

Get up and work get up and work, workin’

Nine to five
So many of us do it
But we know inside
We’re gonna make it through it.
There’s a brighter day
And we’ll keep looking toward it
And we’ll find that dream
Soon as we can just afford it

Nine to five (lose your mind/woah oh oh oh)
Workin’ nine to five (get up and work, get up and work)
Nine to five (woah oh oh oh)
Workin’ nine to five (nine to five)
Nine to five (you can lose your mind)
Nine to five

It’s enough
It’s enough
It’s enough

I deserve a fat promotion

For folks like me
The tide’s gonna turn
Workin’ nine to five
Nine to five

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