Almost Famous - Listen to Me Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Almost Famous the Musical - Listen to Me Lyrics

The song is written by Tom Kitt & Cameron Crowe.

Your charm does not work on me!

Listen to me
I may just be his mom
But I’m about to drop a bomb of truth on you
Listen to me
You may act all nice and sweet
But I know you’ll toss him on the street
If he doesn’t write what you want him to

Not true—

Listen to me!
He’s smart, and good-hearted
I sometimes forget he’s only fifteen
So listen to me
These trollops and fools
They may listen to you
But you listen to me

Yes, ma’am

I know about your Valhalla of decadence
Your dedication to selfishness and arrogance
But my boy is just not ready
For your shallow, cheap-aesthetic brain cells
Thrown away like confetti
Don’t you long to be authentic?
Don’t you want something real?

You have no idea

Listen to me
I have friends in high places
Who run background checks and traces
So you know
Listen to me
He can sometimes get real sad
I think he really misses his dad
It’s hard to let him go
So listen to me
Don’t you dare break his spirit
For I fear it will derail his precious dreams

Your path is very clear
Make a noise if you can hear

I… I—

You can make this right, you see
If you listen to me
For you to become a person of substance, Russell
Now, get my son home safely
Or you will meet the person on
the other end of this line
And it will not be pretty!

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