Almost Famous - Elaine's Lecture Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Almost Famous the Musical - Elaine's Lecture Lyrics

The song is written by Tom Kitt & Cameron Crowe.

ELAINE: (spoken)
Students of City College,
Welcome to the Fall of the Roman Empire...
I'm sorry, I can't concentrate

I didn't want kids,
I thought I didn't need them
Didn't want to have to feed them
'Cause let's be honest:
People bleed you dry
My husband is to blame —
He developed this notion that sprang from emotion
But he couldn't see...
But that wasn't me
So I did it for him — yes,
I did it — and now that I've done it,
I can't undo what I have done
So, of course, rock stars have kidnapped my son

Do you want to know my crime?
I know where the traps lie,
And every grеat collapse
I see as a way for us to correct ourselvеs;
We're stuck in a time
When things must be easy and mellow,
Please be smarter than that
You must be smarter than that
But instead of public service,
You seek sex and allow for a culture
That feeds on exploitation of the young;
But I too am guilty,
'Cause I let rock stars kidnap my son

From trail-blazing people to navel-gazing people
We’re in love with how great we are
We declare that we’re devout while we’re busy selling out
Our brightest hope for the models who dance on the bar;
And where will it all end up?
How will we save us from us?
Our fall will not come with an explosion
But with the continued dissolution of trust
But as Goethe said, "Enjoy when you can
And endure what you must.”

I'm sorry for the speech
I've got a lot on my mind,
I've clearly got to find a much better way
of working through my stuff;
But "coo-coo-ca-choo"?
What does that even mean?
I know — it's a smokescreen,
A code for drugs and sex
And who objects?

You're a wonderful class, so enjoy your weekend
I hope that I haven't bummed out everyone
With my melancholy tale
Of how rock stars have kidnapped my son
What's done is done...
I let rock stars kidnap our son

(spoken) Class dismissed

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