Tokay Lyrics

1929 West End
Bitter Sweet the Musical - Tokay Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

When we're thoroughly wined and dined,
And the barracks are left behind,
We come down to the town to find
Some relief from the daily grind.
Love is kind, Love is blind.

When the thoughts of a man incline
To the grapes of a sunlit vine,
On the banks of the golden Rhine,
Slowly ripening pure and fine,
Sweet divine, Lovers' wine.
Lift your voices till the rafters ring,
Fill your glasses to the brim and sing:

Tokay l The golden sunshine of a summer day,
Tokay I Will bear the burden of your cares away,
Here's to the love in you,
The hate in you,
Desire in you.

Wine of the sun that will waft you along,
Lifting you high on the wings of a song.

Dreams in you, The flame in you,
The fire in you, Tokay-Tokay.

So while forgetfulness we borrow,
Never minding what tomorrow has to say,

The only call we all obey,

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Bitter Sweet the Musical Lyrics

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