Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay Lyrics

1929 West End
Bitter Sweet the Musical - Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

Tarara boomdeay,
Tarara boomde-ay,
We are the most effectual,
Intellectual Movement of the day.
Our moral standards sway
Like Mrs Tanquay,
And we are theoretically
Most aesthetically kger to display
The fact that we're aggressively
And excessively
Anxious to destroy
All the snobbery
And hob-nobbery
Of the hoi-polloi.

Tarara boomde-ay,
It's mental washing day,
And come what may
We'll scrub until the nation's morals shrink away.
Tarara boom-de-ay.

Though we are languid in appearance
We're in the vanguatd,
We feel we can guard
The cause of Art.

We shall ignore all interference,
For our complaisance
With this renaissance Is frightfully smart.
Please do not think us unrelenting,
Oux charming frolic
With the symbolic
Is meek and mild.
We merely spend our time preventing
Some earnest stripling
From liking Kipling Instead of Wilde.

Now that we find the dreary nineteenth century is closing,
We mean to start the twentieth in ecstasies of posing.

Tarara boomde-ay,
It's mental washing day,
And come what may
We'll scrub until the tiresome bourgeois shrink away.
Tarara boom-de-ay.

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