BANDSTAND - First Steps First Lyrics

The New American Musical 2017
Bandstand the Musical - First Steps First Lyrics

"First Steps First" is a song from Bandstand the musical performed by Laura Osnes (Julia), Corey Cott (Donny)

JULIA (singing):
Pardon my brashness, dear
Seeing you standing here
Dancing's more customary
For a soirée
Isn't the band sublime?
And as it happens I'm
Just in the mood to do
A two-step, Do step
Out on the floor with me
I'm new here too, you see
Might you be charmingly coerced
No need to be so shy
Take reassurance, I
Know how to guide you through
The worst steps, first steps first

I don't remember the bridge.

WAYNE (spoken):
She doesn't remember the bridge!

DONNY (singing):
Why be all alone when mu-

JULIA (spoken):
I'm sorry, I'm sorry

DONNY (spoken):
No, no wait! It's my fault. The tempo's all wrong, isn't it?

JULIA (spoken):
I- I don't know

DONNY (spoken):
Yeah it is. It is. Kick it up, Davy

DAVY (spoken):
Oh, thank God.

DONNY (spoken):
From the bridge, why be all alone. You got it!

JULIA (singing):
Why be all alone when music calls

DONNY (spoken):
Now we're cookin!

JULIA (singing):
I have nothing more or less to prove

DONNY (spoken):
She's terrific, folks!

JULIA (singing):
But unless we want a party full of flowers on the walls

DONNY AND JULIA (singing):
Someone has to make the very first move
Starting is daunting, true
Trusting in something new
Fearful your luck will be reversed
But I have a feeling I'd
Steady you if you tried
Soon you'll be dancing through rehearsed steps
First steps first
First steps first
First steps first

[Thanks to Chelsea for lyrics]

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First Steps First lyrics from Bandstand the musical

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