Beetlejuice - The Whole 'Being Dead' Thing Pt. 3 Lyrics

2019 Broadway
Beetlejuice the Musical - The Whole 'Being Dead' Thing Pt. 3 Lyrics

"The Whole 'Being Dead' Thing Pt. 3" is a song performed by Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice) from the musical Beetlejuice.

Hey guys, awesome seance
Lots of good old-fashioned chaos
You lose — in your faces!
‘Cause look who's holding all the aces

ADAM: (spoken)
You did this!

BETELGEUSE: (spoken)
No. She did. We could’ve been such a great team,
But you wanted your mommy, so this is what you get!

LYDIA: (spoken)
You lied to me!

BETELGEUSE: (spoken)
Sorry, kid! Classic bait-and-switch: the oldest trick in the book

LYDIA: (spoken)
What do you want?

BETELGEUSE: (spoken)
I'm tired of being alone and life is the only way out!
So if you want to save Barbara, then I need you…to marry me

ADAM & CHARLES: (spoken)

BETELGEUSE: (spoken)
It's a green-card thing!

CHARLES: (spoken)
You’re insane! She's not marrying you

(BARBARA screams)

ADAM: (spoken)
Somebody do something!

Hey, it's great that you ate up my plan
The pooch has been screwed
And shit's hit the fan!
You wanted me gone-

LYDIA: (spoken)
I don't have a choice

You wanted your mom-

LYDIA: (spoken)
It's my fault she's dying!

You messed with the wrong book — now look what you've done!

(BARBARA screams)

LYDIA: (spoken)
Okay! I’ll do it, I’ll marry you!

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