Veruca's Nutcracker Sweet Lyrics

London 2013
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Veruca's Nutcracker Sweet Lyrics

[Oopma - loompas]
Veruca Salt,
The debutant,
She's always screaming "I want I WANT!"
We hope she wants last month's chow mein,
As she jete's down the garbage drain.
Veruca Salt,
the silly cow,
Her maddening Manchu was "Now Now NOW!"
But now hang a bell on the little brute,
As she's Ballottés down the bad nut chute.
Yes now she joined the trash below so spoiled and so rotten,
the fishy from a week ago,
Some giant lump forgotten.
A bacon rind, some left out lard,
a loaf of bread gone stale and hard.
All rotten too,
a reeky pear,
a thing the cat left on the stair.
Veruca Salt, the pampered miss,
Will now Fouetté to a foul abyss.
So take a whiff for it's awfully ripe,
Her new address...The SEWER PIPE!
Veruca Salt,
the selfish tot,
was never good with the things she got!
But it's not just vicious Veruca's fault.
This rancid recipe demands another dash of salt!
Blame her father and her mother that Veruca will reside,
With the rubbish and the other wasteful things she tossed aside!
To the furnace we'd bequeath her.
See the squirrels as they are swarming,
Cos recycling was beneath her,
she's the cause for global warming!
Veruca Salt,
the wicked witch,
will soon develop a nasty itch.
We'll soon hear a twit screaming "Mine all mine!"
From deep down below where the sun don't shine! BAD NUT!

[Thanks to ace for lyrics]

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Veruca's Nutcracker Sweet lyrics Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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