The Chocolate Room / Simply Second Nature Lyrics

London 2013
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - The Chocolate Room Lyrics

Ladies and Gentleman,
Welcome to the Chocolate Room
I never showed this room to anyone before
You're the first to see it,
Everything you see, every tree every flower,
and every bird, is made completely and entirely out of chocolate!

Grandpa Joe, now I know I'll never have to dream again,
For I've had dreams, incredible, but here's a dream that is edible!

Mr.Wonka pinch us please so we can taste the forest full of dreams!

Look here Wonka, the waterfall makes sense
But what's the point in all the rest of this stuff?

The point?

Well what's it for?

It's my creation.

Ha, How does it make money?

Ha ha ha ha, it doesn't.

It's a little cupboard of treats for a midnight feast.

No ma'am.

You use it for photo shoots.

Certainly not.

It's therapy.


Well if it isn't for anything and it doesn't make money
then why on earth does it need to exist at all?

You really don't see do you?

Off-Broadway Musical
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Simply Second Nature Lyrics

A painter needs no reason to make a thing of art
Yes there's no switch to stop and start the flow,
A gardener has his season, his green thumb and his heart,
Don't ask a man why does your garden grow.

A poet sits for hours with words apon his tongue.
He can not help to rhythm his doom and gloom

So if you taste my flowers, you'll see that I'm among,
That certain group, that lucky troop for whom it's

Simply Second Nature, to wish away the grey, to take licorice stick and make a tree.
Yes there's no rhyme or reason,
I was simply made this way, what's strange to you is nature to me.

It's Simply Second Nature to paint outside the lines, it merely is the way that I was born
You see I've been selected to create the unexpected,
And make each day feel just like Christmas morn.

Picasso took a torso and turned it on it's head, it isn't right or wrong it's what he felt.

And Dali, even more so, would positively dread,
Explaining why his hands of time should melt.

And me, I take sweet honey and make a tasteful rose, what can I say it's simply what I do,

Some men make pots of money, they're happy I suppose,
But be grateful that for just a lucky few its...

Simply Second Nature, to see what isn't there, the mind is such a wonder to explore,
and though some nights I dread, all the voices in my head, I'd rather be this way than be a boar.

It's Simply Second Nature, to dream of something new,
Then wake on fire and try to sculpt each day,
It's no blessing, it's a curse! Wait, no Strike that, and Reverse

I wouldn't have it any another way...

[Thanks to Adam Rociles, Sophia for lyrics]
[Thanks to Emily Jennings for corrections]

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