Clinton the Musical - State of the Union Lyrics

Off-Broadway production 2015
Clinton the Musical - State of the Union Lyrics

Today, I come before you to tell you
that the State of our Union is strong

I gave you my plan for moving on for our economy,
to save it from neglect.
Now it's true that deficit is gone,
and we have been set free and we can stand erect...

You can't say that last line...
What, it doesn't sound right? Maybe....

No longer on our knees!

No! It has to be absolutely free of anything sexual.
See, I knew you'd be able to help!

A balanced budget means that we\'ll have a surplus (okay...)
But we must spend it on a worthy purpose (good!)
Let's not blow... (No!)
Let's not waste this chance that we now face
It's time that we adjust the path that we have followed
We will taste! (No!)
Let's embrace! (No!)
We aren't the rust! (No!)
We have swallowed! (No.)

Yes I have heard all your stories,
and may I say, you have touched me
(Are you just screwing with me now?)
I don't want to leave a mess for our children (ew.)
Now it's time that we all come together (Come on!)

I can't help it, it's just too hard!
Okay, let me try... uh...

So how should we be spending our new surplus
(this is better!)
To help those people who are doing the work
(This is it, I can feel it!)
I give you this simple forward answer... (yes!)
Say social security first! (That's it!)
So I get to do the speech!

[Hillary doing Ahhs in the background]
Every cent will pay to modernize our social safety net
Our schlump will be reversed
Government will change before our eyes
And I will not forget that you must always come...

[Thanks to Jake Hoffman for lyrics]

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