Clinton the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Off-Broadway production 2015
Clinton the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Act 1

As the show begins, Hillary Rodham Clinton introduces herself and her husband, William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton. She reveals that Bill is actually two personalities, WJ and Billy, and that she is the only person who can see both of them. ("Overture Lyrics"). With help from Hillary, WJ and Billy win the 1992 presidential election ("Awful-Awesome Lyrics"). After arriving at the White House, WJ states his plans to be a serious and successful president, Hillary states her plan to be loved by the American people, and Billy states his plan to "get some tail" ("The Me I See Lyrics"). In order to remain focused on his job, WJ starts ignoring Billy's fun-loving urges. Just a few days after being inaugurated, the media starts reporting on the Whitewater scandal, despite the fact that nobody who is reporting has any idea what the scandal actually is, and are just stretching the story out to gain viewers ("The Day After That Lyrics"). Kenneth Starr is hired to investigate the scandal. Starr announces to the audience that he doesn't actually care about the American people or the Whitewater scandal, he's just in it for the fame ("A Starr is Born Lyrics"). Hillary becomes increasingly worried that Billy will use his new office to cheat on her. As WJ reassures Hillary that he'll control Billy, Billy seduces White House intern Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office ("Lie to You"). In order to comfort Hillary, WJ tells her that she can write the country's new healthcare plan. Republican Newt Gingrich is infuriated by this, and he works with Ken Starr to rally other Republicans and take control of the Congress majority ("Say Nay"). During an encounter with Billy in the Oval Office, Monica Lewinsky exclaims that she can't believe she's having an affair with the president ("Monica's Song Lyrics"). WJ finds out about this and confronts Billy, starting an argument between the two. Hillary finds out about their fight and explains to them that "the public likes it better when politicians work together" ("Both Ways Lyrics"). After settling his differences with Billy, WJ confronts Newt Gingrich and convinces him to pass Hillary's healthcare bill. WJ and Billy are reelected in the presidential election of 1996, but Billy is the only one that takes the oath of office, which means Billy is able to start ignoring WJ as payback for the beginning of their first term ("Both Ways (Reprise)").

Act 2

As his second term begins, Billy celebrates in the Oval Office, while Linda Tripp secretly collects evidence of his affair with Monica ("What Could Go Wrong?"). Linda's evidence becomes public, but Billy attempts to convince the American people that the affair never happened ("That Woman, Miss Lewinsky Lyrics"). Since he is officially the president, Billy must give the State of the Union address, a job WJ had previously done. Billy can't resist making sexual innuendos while writing his speech, so Hillary is forced to write the address and let Billy take all the credit ("State of the Union Lyrics"). Having been abandoned by Billy and the American people, WJ reflects on all the things he was hoping to accomplish in his second term ("A Place Called Hope"). Monica, whom Billy has also abandoned, looks back on how confident he made her feel during their affair ("Monica's Song (Reprise)"). Hillary becomes increasingly angry at both WJ and Billy for the things they do behind her back. Though she still loves them, she decides she can't handle the stress anymore and tells the audience that she plans to divorce them ("Enough Lyrics"). Meanwhile, Kenneth and Newt lead the movement to impeach and remove Billy from office ("Sexual Relations"). Hillary is visited by a vision of Elenor Roosevelt, who tries to convince her to stay with Billy and WJ, but Hillary misinterprets Eleanor and instead decides that she's going to run for president ("Brew It For Your Country Lyrics"). Billy and WJ realize that their legacy will not be the work they did to advance universal healthcare, but instead, they will always be remembered for Billy's affair ("The Me I See / What Could Go Wrong? (Reprise)"). WJ and Billy forgive each other and apologize to Hillary. The three decide that the only way to ensure that Billy remains in office is to reveal to the world that William Jefferson Clinton is, in fact, two people. Newt is hesitant to forgive the Clintons but is forced to when WJ reveals Newt's affair with Calista Bisek. The senate votes to keep Billy in office and Hillary announces her 2008 candidacy for president ("Finale").

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The Me I See
The Day After That
A Starr Is Born
Monica's Song
Both Ways
That Woman, Miss Lewinsky
State of the Union
Brew It for Your Country