Company the Musical - Someone Is Waiting Lyrics

2018 West End revival
Company the Musical - Someone Is Waiting Lyrics

"Someone Is Waiting" is a song from the Company (2018 London Cast Recording) performed by Rosalie Craig (Bobby).

Someone is waiting,
Cool as Sarah,
Easy and loving as Susan...
Someone is waiting,
Warm as Susan,
Frantic and touching as Amy...
Would I know her even if I met her?
Have I missed her? Did I let her go?
A Susan sort of Sarah,
A Jennyish Joanne.
Wait for me, I'm ready now,
I'll find you if I can!
Someone will hold me,
Soft as Jenny,
Skinny and blue-eyed as Amy...
Someone will wake me,
Sweet as Amy,
Tender and foolish as Sarah...
Did I know her? Have I waited too long?
Maybe so, but maybe so has she.
My blue-eyed Sarah, warm Joanne,
Sweet Jenny, loving Susan, crazy Amy,
Wait for me!
I'll hurry!
Wait for me!
Wait for me!
Wait for me!

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Someone Is Waiting lyrics from Company

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