Daniel Day Lewis - Guido's Song Lyrics

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Daniel Day-Lewis - Guido's Song Lyrics

From Nine the Musical.

I would like to be here, I would like to be there,
I would like to everywhere at once.
I know that's a contradiction in terms,
And it's a problem, especially when
My body's clearing forty as my mind is nearing ten.

I can hardly stay up, and I can't get to sleep,
And I don't want to wake tomorrow morning
At the bottom of some heap,
But why take it so seriously?
After all, there's nothing at
Stake here-only me.

I want to be young, and I want to be old.
I would like to be wise before my time
And yet be foolish and brash and bold.
I would like the universe to get down on it's knees
And say, "Guido, whatever you please,
It's okay. Even if it's impossible, we'll arrange it."
That's all that I want.

I am lusting for more. Should I settle for less?
I ask you, what's a good thing for, if
Not for taking it to excess?
One limitation I dearly regret,
There's only one of me I've ever met.

I would like to have another me to
Travel along with myself.
I would even like to be able to sing a
Duet with myself.

I would like to be here (Sing along
With myself in a song)
To be there (Walking down a lane now, everywhere)
Everywhere (Everywhere. That's a
Contradiction in terms. I want to)
Here (With a counter-)
Here (Melody in the)
Here (Top of the morning to you, Guido)
Guido (Guido)
Guido (Guido)
Guido (Me)
Me (Me).

I want to be Proust or the Marquis De Sade,
I would like to be Christ, Mohammed, Buddha
But not have to believe in God,
And you know I mean it with all of my heart.
It's the end if something important
Doesn't start.

I want to be young, but I have to be old.
What I want is a tale of sound and fury
That some idiot went and told.
I would like the universe to get down
On it's knees
And say, "Guido, whatever you please, it's okay.
Even if it's ridiculous, we'll arrange it."
So arrange it!

That's all that I want!

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