Finding Neverland - Finale (All That Matters) Lyrics

Broadway musical 2015
Finding Neverland the Musical - Finale (All That Matters) Lyrics

[Mrs. Du maurier]:
I know you feel alone
But we are here beside you
She left the stars up in the sky
So they can guide you

And you will see her in your dreams
For neverland is closer than it seems
Just try to remember
All the things she taught you
You made her proud to be alive
How she adored you

And I can see her in your eyes
She'll always be there by your side

When you feet don't touch the ground
And you voice won't make a sound
You'll be safe in this place above the clouds

[Barrie & Mrs. Du maurier]:
I was once like you
Life was a maze
I couldn't find my way out

But what I found is true
I was so amazed

[Barrie, Mrs. Du maurier& boys]:
Make believe and you will find out its true
(Know that it's true)

When your feet don't touch the ground
And your worlds turned upside down
You will fly (you will fly)
To the sky
Above the clouds

When your feet don't touch the earth
You won't feel the things that hurt

Keep your faith
And in time
You will spread your wings and
And fly

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Finding Neverland the Musical Lyrics

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