The Frogs - All Aboard Lyrics

2004 Broadway
The Frogs The Musical - All Aboard Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

All aboard!
Hades Express!
Just a short hop
To the bottomless pit --
This is it!
Club Dead
Straight ahead.
Bring your shroud,
No coffins allowed --
There's too big a crowd.
But if you're a stiff,
Then get in the skiff
And we're off to Perdition.
And wait till you see Perdition:
You think you know dank?
Hoo, boy.
You think you know dismal?
Sheesh, forget it.
Talk about dark, talk about dreary,
What you think is dreary
Is what we call cheery
Down here.
All aboard!
No delay
Long as you're D.O.A.
If you fall off the perch,
If you buy the farm,
Kick the bucket,
Bite the dust,
If you're pushing up daisies,
Truck on down
And when I say down,
I mean down...
All aboard!
Get your kicks
On the River Styx...

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The Frogs lyrics All Aboard by Stephen Sondheim

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