The Frogs - Opening Fanfare Lyrics

2004 Broadway
The Frogs The Musical - Opening Fanfare Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

1st ACTOR (speaking):
The time is the present.
The place is ancient Greece.

2nd ACTOR:
Already I'm confused.

1st ACTOR:
Don't worry.
Just have a little faith.

2nd ACTOR:
What story should we tell?
The one where the man kills his father
And sleeps with his mother?

1st ACTOR:
No, I'm in too good a mood.
How about the one where the god
And his slave go on a journey to save the world?

2nd ACTOR:
Excellent. Shall we begin?

1st ACTOR:
Yes, but first, let us pray.

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The Frogs lyrics Opening Fanfare by Stephen Sondheim

The Frogs The Musical Lyrics

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